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Acceptable Use Policy - Oraifite Web Hosting Solutions

The Internet is intended for use by mature adults (and by minors when
supervised by mature adults). Our customers are expected to use the
Internet with respect, courtesy, and responsibility, giving due regard to
the rights of other Internet users. The customer is expected to have a
basic knowledge of how the Internet functions, the types of use which
are generally acceptable, and the types of use which are to be avoided.

Common sense is the best guide as to what is considered acceptable
use. The following are unacceptable uses:

Illegality in any form, including but not limited to activities such as
unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, violation
of U.S. export restrictions, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene
material, drug dealing, and other illegal activities.

Net abuse, including but not limited to activities such as using a
non-existent email return address on a commercial solicitation,
spamming (sending unsolicited advertising to numerous email addresses
or newsgroups and/or generating a significantly higher volume of
outgoing email than a normal user), trolling (posting outrageous
messages to generate numerous responses), mailbombing (sending
multiple messages without significant new content to the same user),
subscribing someone else to a mailing list without that person's
permission, cross-posting articles to an excessive number of
newsgroups, or attempting without authorization to enter into a secured
computer system. Oraifite reserves the right to determine what
constitutes net abuse.

Tortious conduct, including but not limited to posting of defamatory,
scandalous, or private information about a person without their consent,
intentionally inflicting emotional distress, or violating trademarks,
copyrights, or other intellectual property rights.

Misuse of system resources, including but not limited to employing
posts or programs which consume excessive CPU time or storage
space; permitting use of mail services, mail forwarding capabilities,
POP accounts, or autoresponders other than for the customer's own
account; or resale of access to CGI scripts installed on our servers.

Domain pointers are to be used for the purpose of having more than
one way to find the same site, not for the purposes of sharing an
account among multiple sites. A domain pointer may not be set up to
reference a subdirectory within an existing Web hosting account served
by Oraifite or any other provider. Domain pointers are not to be used as
a substitute for purchasing separate accounts.

We do not host adult sites.  

Complaints about violators of our policies should be referred to
abuse@Oraifite.net. Each complaint will be investigated.

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